Unfairly Desserted Flavours

Ben & Jerry's EU Brand Development team asked Maynard Malone to come up with a way in which they could launch one of their historic US flavours into Europe. The video explains all.


Maynard Malone are the proud recipients of the Crafting Brands for Life Crowd Sourcing award for 2012 for their delivery of the Ben & Jerry’s Unfairly Desserted Flavor campaign.  The Unilever Crafting Brand for Life Awards are among the most credible for any agency to win. The breadth of brands under the Unilever umbrella make the competition fierce and the rigor in which Unilever manage their bands and communications activity mean that only the very best reach the final rounds, and its takes something special to be acknowledged with an award.

Involvement : Design Support // Delivery


Late 2011/12


Ben & Jerrys